The Forever Silk Pillowcase

The Forever Silk Pillowcase

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Warum du den Forever Seidenkissenbezug lieben wirst: 

  • Hochqualitative Seide aus dem Land der Pandas: 22 Momme: Glossy, Smooth, Soft
  • Luxus Komfort dank einer Fadendichte von XX
  • Super einfacher Umschlagverschluss, damit auch alles am rechten Platz bleibt
  • Reduziert Haarspliss: Nie mehr mit verwuschelten Harren aufwachen
  • Seide wirkt Anti-Aging und pflegt deine Haut
  • Ist weniger feuchtigkeitsabsorbierender als andere Textilien
  • Absorbiert nicht deine Pflegeprodukte von deiner Haut
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Luxus in deinem Schlafzimmer

Seide sieht nicht nur luxuriös aus, sondern fühlt sich auch genauso an. Unser Seidenkissenbezug verleiht deinem Schlaf einen Hauch von Glamour und optimiert deinen Schönheitsschlaf.

Dank der einzigartigen Vorteile von Seide erlebst du effizientere Morgen und schnelleres Styling. So kannst du jeden Tag mit mehr Energie und Selbstvertrauen beginnen.

Good sleep is like an onion. Layered.

The Forever Pillow is made up of four foam layers of exceptional quality. By swapping around these layers, you can adapt the pillow to your body and sleeping environment.

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Lilia Cloud Foam

You’ll sleep like a baby after a big lunch on this extremely soft, high-end memory foam. The Lilia Cloud Foam is not only super comfy, it also helps support your head and neck.

Pure Heaven Layer

A special foam layer designed for side sleepers. It’s firmer on the sides and softer in the middle. This stops your head from rolling off on either side. Your spine remains in straight and healthy alignment. Clever & heavenly.

Forty Winks Layer

Our Forty Winks Layer is there when you need it. To give your pillow an extra few inches - in height - leave this foam inside. If you’d like your pillow a little flatter, take it out. No foam fomo here.

Sturdy Slumber Layer

Our base layer is made of fancy cold foam. It provides the Forever Pillow with stability. Your head, neck and spine need this for ergonomically sound sleep.

Lover Cover

Our carefully stitched, breathable and washable cover keeps all of our lovely layers in place. Ready to cover you with love.

Footnote: While we like to have fun, we are serious about quality. We have scoured the world to find the best suppliers for every single component of our pillow. That is why the Forever Pillow is not only great, it also built to last. To learn more about each material and their technical details.

Customise your Forever Topper

Unsure about the right pillow configuration? No problem. Our quick quiz will help you discover the perfect pillow setting tailored for you. All in less than a minute.

Your mattress is...

Apply pressure on the mattress with your hand, similar to pushing a revolving door. Observe how much your hand sinks into the bed to estimate the firmness level.


3-5cm sinkage


1-2cm sinkage


Hardly any sinkage

It's in the shoulders

Do you have narrow, medium, or broad shoulders?






50cm or more

Your Forever Pillow


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Rest easy with Lilia Sleep

  • Easily adjustable
    Easily adjustable

    You are unique, and so is the Forever Pillow. Adjust it to suit your needs in just a few simple steps.

  • Guilt-free

    We all need to do our bit. That’s why we support 1% for the Planet. It’s also why we made a pillow that lasts.

  • 30-day trial
    30-day trial

    Try our pillow for 30 nights in the comfort of your own home. Complete satisfaction or your money back.

  • Free and fast delivery
    Free and fast delivery

    We’ll deliver your Forever Pillow within 1-2 business days. For free, of course.

Real people, real answers

Unpacking the benefits

Why do I need a topper

When you’re lying in bed, your body should have the same alignment as when you’re standing.

If your pillow is too high, your head tilts up at an awkward angle. If it's too flat, your head will be left hanging down. Neither is good for quality sleep.

It’s a similar story for back sleepers. A pillow that’s too high will push your head towards your chest. If too flat, your neck will be stretched back.

This may sound obvious.

Nobody would stand in a crooked way like that for hours. But many people sadly sleep on mediocre pillows that leave them misshapen in bed.

Our beautiful, adjustable pillow is here to help.

How can the topper help me?

These questions unfortunately don’t receive the attention they deserve.

Let’s change that now.

First off, your head and neck should feel relaxed. You should not experience any twisting or tension anywhere along your spine.

The key here is the right height of your pillow. Our Forever Pillow has a height of 13 cm with all four layers being used. But you may need a different height.

That’s where the Forever Pillow’s adjustability comes in. You can easily customise its height until you find the one that suits you best.

Here are some quick pointers to help you:

1. How firm is your mattress?

It’s easy to check roughly how firm your mattress is. Just press with your hand onto the mattress surface (away from the edges) and measure approximately how far your hand sinks in.

  • Barely any sinkage = firm
  • Sinkage of 1-2 cm = medium firm
  • Sinke of 3-5 cm (or more) = soft

2. How broad are your shoulders?

  • Small shoulders = 38-42 cm (women), 41-46 cm (men)
  • Average shoulders = 43-46 cm (women), 47-51 cm (men)
  • Broad shoulders = 47 cm and more (women), 52 cm and more (men)

All measured up? Now you can check in the table below which setting of the Forever Pillow should work best for you:

Your head still isn’t properly aligned? Fear note, simply add or remove one or both of the middle layers.

Does your shoulder roll too much to the side, when sleeping on your side?

In that case, we recommend removing either the Forty Winks Layer or the Pure Heaven Layer.

That should do the trick!

However, as much as we love the Forever Pillow, it can’t produce miracles (yet). For a comfy and ergonomically sound alignment, you also need a decent mattress. Good bedding helps too!

If your mattress is old or just not right for you, then it might be time to invest in a new one.

Attention side sleepers

That’s most of us! It’s really important to make sure your pillow does not exert too much pressure on your ears. And especially not on the arteries in your neck.

Finding a pillow with the correct height will keep you healthy and comfy. This in turn will depend on the firmness of your mattress and how broad your shoulders are.

If your mattress is relatively soft (and you sink in a fair bit) and your shoulders are on the smaller side, then we recommend you try our Forever Pillow in its flat configuration (7-9 cm).

That means removing both of the middle layers: the Forty Winks Layer and the Pure Heaven Layer.

If, on the other hand, your mattress is firm and your shoulders broad, then it’s very easy. You need our highest configuration (13 cm).

So just keep all four layers in the Forever Pillow. Our default.

The result? A healthy and straight alignment of your neck and head.

The basics for back sleepers

Back sleepers should do a simple exercise to find the right pillow height: stand with your back to the wall in such a way that your bum and upper back are touching the surface of the wall.

Then check how far from the wall your head is in its relaxed position.

Some people will have their head very close to or even touching the wall. Others will have a gap of 10 cm, maybe even more.

The right pillow will essentially fit in this gap. And so the correct setting for your Forever Pillow approximately should match the size of the gap.

Approximately because you should still take into account how firm or soft your mattress is.

If someone were to look at you from the side, you would be lying in the same posture that you stand.

Is the cover washable?

We understand that many people prefer to sleep on their stomach, but it's important to acknowledge that there is no perfect position for your head when sleeping this way.

Sleeping on your stomach means turning your head to the side, which puts strain on your neck and upper back.

Your ideal sleeping position should mimic standing posture as much as possible. Your head should not be turned to the side.

If you can't do without sleeping on your stomach, we recommend choosing a pillow that allows for a low height to reduce stress on your neck and back.

Fortunately, our Forever Pillow offers just such an option.

Topper vs mattress

Some people change their pillows like they change their socks. Maybe not quite… but you get the point. If you buy a really good and adjustable pillow, you can keep it for ages. Like a fancy designer watch.

Happy customers = Happy Lilia

Goodbye sleep problems

We all love the feeling of sinking our head into a plush feather pillow. However, the pleasure is short-lived. And let's not even talk about the ergonomics.

Memory foam
Adjustable Shape
Adjustable Thickness
Animal Friendly
Allergy Friendly