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The Forever Pillow

The Forever Pillow

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  • Wake up without back and neck pain with our IGR-certified Forever Pillow, which moulds to your body.
  • The height-adjustable Forever Pillow consists of a unique 4-layer design made of high-quality foam layers.
  • The pillow is 60x40 cm in size and is made from high-quality memory and cold foams, providing a perfect balance of softness and support.
  • Lightning-fast adjustment to your body, sleep position, and mattress thanks to our EU-patented design.
  • It lasts: no need for a new pillow, even if your sleep position changes.
  • Sustainable luxury that's easy to maintain: Our breathable and hygienic cover is washable at 40°C.
Made in Europe
Hypoallergenic and Toxin-Free
Free and CO2-neutral shipping within 2-3 business days.
The Forever Pillow ($149) + The Lilia Cotton Pillowcase ($53)
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A pillow at your level

We're all so different. Why should there be a standard pillow in one size?! That's like saying we should all have the same shoe size. Everyone is unique - and your pillow should be too.

Our Forever Pillow is not just a pillow; it's your pillow. You can tailor it to your needs. It’s time to say goodbye to unnecessary neck pain from pillows that are too high or too low.

Good sleep is like an onion. Layered.

Four foam layers that really make the difference. Our high-quality cold and memory foams from Germany ensure ideal head and neck support.

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Lilia Cloud Foam

You'll sleep like a baby on the ultra-soft Lilia Cloud Foam. This memory foam provides the highest level of comfort and perfectly conforms to the shape of your head.

Pure Heaven Layer

Attention side sleepers: Our Pure HeavenFoam is the solution for restful nights. It supports your head in the side position and prevents it from slipping off the pillow for undisturbed sleep.

Forty Winks Layer

Our Forty Winks Foam is a jack of all trades. It allows for height adjustability. If you need a lower loft, simply remove this layer.

Sturdy Slumber Layer

The Sturdy Slumber Foam forms the solid foundation of the Forever Pillow. It ensures that your head and your spine are supported in every sleeping position.

Lover Cover

Our carefully stitched, breathable and washable cover keeps all of our lovely layers in place. Ready to cover you with love.

We've turned dozens of factories upside down to create the Forever Pillow. Quality and comfort? For us, they're inseparable. Dream big, and sleep even better!

You really only need ONE pillow

Buy less, choose better, and keep it for longer - that's the most environmentally friendly thing you can do. Cheap does not equal inexpensive if you have to keep buying replacements.

Investing in the Forever Pillow is an investment in quality. No more “fast sleep”, just sustainable luxury and better days.

True support, night after night

That soft, fluffy pillow feel? Think of it as a fleeting evening crush, not your forever love for neck support.

Enter the Forever Pillow – where real support meets dreamy sleep.

Remember, every fresh romance needs time to blossom – try each setting of our adaptable pillow for at least a week!

Cool and washable - our cover has you covered

Breathable. Washable. Hypoallergenic. The cover of our Forever Pillow has everything you need. You can even wash it at 40°C in your machine.

Don't buy the Forever Pillow if ...

... you prefer the fluffy feeling of down or feather pillows.

Feather pillows may look plush and fluffy, but the material can shift during the night, causing unevenness that leads to neck pain.

Our Forever Pillow?

Comfortable support, no neck pain. For those who value quality, sustainability, and better nights for better days.

But if you can't do without feather pillows, we may not be the perfect match for each other.

Rest easy with Lilia Sleep

  • Easily adjustable
    Easily adjustable

    You are unique, and so is the Forever Pillow. Adjust it to suit your needs in just a few simple steps.

  • Guilt-free

    We all need to do our bit. That’s why we support 1% for the Planet. It’s also why we made a pillow that lasts.

  • 30-day trial
    30-day trial

    Try our pillow for 30 nights in the comfort of your own home. Complete satisfaction or your money back.

  • Free and fast delivery
    Free and fast delivery

    We’ll deliver your Forever Pillow within 2-3 business days. For free, of course.

Between the lines…

What materials is the Forever Pillow made from?

Cover: A mixture of cotton, polyamide and polyester. Machine-washable at 40° C.

Top layer: You'll feel like you're floating on clouds with the ultra-soft Lilia Cloud Foam (volume weight 50)¹. This premium memory foam evenly distributes your weight across the surface, providing precise support for your head and neck.

Pure Heaven Layer: A combination of high-quality visco-foam (volume weight 50) and cold foam (volume weight 30). This layer of foam was specifically developed for side sleepers. With two degrees of firmness, your head won't roll off the pillow when you're on your side but stay in a healthy and straight alignment.

Forty Winks Layer: This middle layer of foam is soft, highly adaptive, and lends the Forever Pillow the necessary point elasticity². In addition, this foam layer adds extra height to the Forever Pillow. This layer is particularly important if you have a firmer mattress and broad shoulders.

Sturdy Slumber Layer: We have once again opted for a top-notch visco foam (volume weight 50). This adaptable, firmer base layer ensures the necessary stability that your head needs in every sleeping position.

¹ Footnote: The volume weight refers to the so-called raw density of the material. It indicates how many kilograms of foam were used in a cubic metre. The higher the volume weight, the more durable the material is.

² Footnote: Point elasticity refers to how a foam reacts when pressure is applied to it. Point elastic materials are characterised by high and precise adaptation. The foam should only give way where pressure is also applied.

What kind of certificates does the pillow have?

Most components of the Forever Pillow are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

Some of the foams are additionally certified by TÜV Rheinland.

This means that our foams are certified to be free from harmful substances.

We're currently in the process of having our entire pillow certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

For more information, we recommend visiting the respective websites of OekoTex Standard 100 and TÜV Rheinland.

More information for side sleepers

If you have a softer mattress (meaning your shoulders sink in more) and narrow shoulder width, you can opt for a lower pillow loft of about 7 - 10 cm.

In that case, we would advise you to remove both the Forty Winks Foam and the Pure Heaven Foam from the Forever Pillow.

In contrast, if you have a firmer mattress and broader shoulders, you need a higher pillow loft. We suggest using all four foams (14 cm).

This way, your neck and head remain in a straight and healthy alignment.

More information for back sleepers

You can do a simple test at home to find the perfect back sleeping position.

Stand against a wall so your upper back and buttocks touch it.

Some people will notice that their head also touches the wall, while others will find that their head is positioned up to 10 cm away from the wall.

This distance between the back of the head and the wall should be filled by a pillow when lying down.

Ideally, your body will be in the same position lying down as it would when you stand against the wall.

If your pillow doesn’t fill the space between the head and the wall, your neck will be out of alignment.

Adjust your Forever Pillow to fill this space correctly.

Of course, the softness or firmness of your mattress will also come into play here.

More information for front sleepers

As much as it saddens us for all the dedicated front sleepers out there: There’s practically no optimal position for your head if you sleep on your stomach.

As a stomach sleeper, you will always have to turn your head to the side, which puts a corresponding strain on the neck and neck area.

Since you should lie in the same way you stand, sleeping on your stomach is anything but natural.

However, if you don't want to give up your stomach sleeping position, choose the lowest loft pillow possible.

Fortunately, this is possible with the Forever Pillow.

Happy customers = Happy Lilia

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